420 Event



Artemis Link

Collaborating With Our Favorite Producers & Processors Cultivating Relationships Curating Premium Cannabis OLCC Licensed Wholesale. Deals In-Store on all Artemis Link Products on 4/20.




Willow Billy Farms

WillowBilly Farms is a licensed, Tier 2, OLCC recreational marijuana producer in the world famous Illinois Valley. We are a family farm that specializes in high quality, organically grown, beautiful, sun grown cannabis. We provide healthy clones and can offer over 100 strains. Deals In-Store on all Willow Billy Farms Products on 4/20.




Millerville Farm

Settling in the Illinois Valley in 1964, our family began a quest to realize the dream of legal cannabis. Two generations strong and working harder than ever, we are honored and grateful to see our flower available in top dispensaries.

Millerville isn’t just a place. It’s a way of life.  It represents teamwork. A tradition of farming. The spirit of revolution.  We believe cannabis will unite people and bring peace. Millerville Farms is the place where we make that dream a reality. Deals In-Store on all Millerville Farm Products on 4/20.




Gold Moon

As cannabis assumes its rightful place in the wellness industry, Gold Moon is setting the standard. We took a cue from history’s greatest craftsmen and focused on attention to detail. Our sourcing, extraction, testing, and refinement are designed to deliver a shatter experience unsurpassed in consistency, purity, and potency. Deals In-Store on all Gold Moon Products on 4/20.




The CO2 Company

The CO2 Company is a southern Oregon based extraction company that is dedicated to providing you with the purest and cleanest cannabis oil. We take the needs of the patients seriously, using eco-friendly growing practices and full flower CBD plant extractions. Our educated team of people from seed to science is here to serve you and the community with our finest and best-crafted cannabis oils. Deals In-Store on all THe CO2 Company Products on 4/20.




TKO Reserve

TKO was established in 2010 with the purpose of producing high quality, organic cannabis for medical use in Oregon and Washington State. Working in conjunction with patients in need of relief and medical care, we have safely cultivated and processed cannabis for over six years. We, at TKO, strive to be a positive influence in the cannabis community, while creating a positive image for the general public as cannabis prohibition slowly phases out. We are passionate about advocating for the safe and therapeutic production and use of cannabis from seed to medicine.. Deals In-Store on all TKO Products on 4/20.




Zen Pharm

Zen Pharm is a Tier II organic recreational producer in southern Oregon. Specializing in high THC strains with loud terpene profiles. Deals In-Store on all Zen Pharm Products on 4/20.



Smoke on the Water

In collaboration with us for the 4:20pm smoke-out on 4/20. Make sure you join them for the 4/20 celebration. Get your overnight spot now or be there before the crowd. $5 for all day activities offered. Please be responsible and do not drive intoxicated. Our 4:20pm session is only for adults over 21.