The Mission

Is to cultivate an educational, trending, ethical and friendly environment for our staff, customers and partners.

Core Values

Every individual should establish and maintain core values, whether they're written down or not. To make them more than just nice-sounding words, everyone at Bud Junction must live them unconditionally, every day. Before any decision is final, we ask our-self, "Is it in line with our values?" Core values are the behaviors, skills and attributes that we value in all people. They define who you and your fellow humans are, deep down inside. Each value must be universally beneficial: something you think everyone should hold in high regard; not just those within our circles (yes, even competitors). Our core values define a part of us all and we think the world would be a better place if everyone was: Honest, Reliable, Inquisitive, Emotionally Mature, Service, and Humble. 

How do we carry out our mission?

We know in order to carry out our mission we must first provide our staff and clients with the tools, cultivated for success. We exercise the knowledge workers approach, with clear minded, talented individuals such as yourself. Together, we can evolve into a industry leader through honesty, knowledge, creativity, and reliable values. Bud Junction will continually strive to offer you competitive wages, incentives, and benefits, in a clean and drama free work place. Each working function of our team, will inherit and execute the Bud Junction mission, helping us set an example of excellence within the growing cannabis industry. 

Our Value Propositions

  • Knowledgeable Bud Mentors, with supporting digital and print media.
  • Providing a mindful culture, which offers good wages, incentives and opportunities.
  • Quality product, presentation, and customer service.
  • Ethical business practices within every moving part of our company.
  • There is always a solution. Lets find it and do it well!
  • Building and maintaining beneficial partnerships. A win/win approach.
  • Begin with the end in mind!

Kriss Williams III


Tony Smith